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Gate Repair

Fix Wrought Iron Gate Orange CountyThere are many different types of gates, whether it is protecting your family, property, or business. With a variety of different gates available, it is important you know the various types of gates when planning to repair or replace your gate.

Here is a list of the various gates types and locations since it is better to inform our consumers before work is performed in their home. Here is some brief information on the various types of gates and how they should be appropriately applied to bring an amazing look to your home, business, or garden.
What are they different types of gate service?

  1. Driveway Gates- A driveway gate is the perfect way to safe guard your home in order to protect your family from the big unknown. This also allows the homeowner to control access to their property before unwanted visitors drop by unexpectedly for a visit.
  2. Pedestrian Gates- Gates that control access to walkways are normally called pedestrian gates. These gates can be closed when you do not want to allow access to the area at any given time. These gates can also bring an amazing look and curbside appeal to your property. They can also compliment a newly remodeled home and add that touch that could have been previously missing to change your house into a home.
  3. Pool Gates- Many homes in the orange county area have pools that can bring added dangers to your home. Add children to the mix and this can only seem to over complicate the situation for most home owners. These gates can come in many different styles and materials.
  4. Garden Gates- Sometimes you want to separate pieces of your property or add a prestigious feeling to an existing entrance or walkway. Many people like to enclose their garden with a garden gate because they can accent the landscaping and décor already laid out. Recycled glass, tempered glass, and stained or reclaimed wood are common materials used by our environmentally conscious consumer.
  5. Community Entrance Gates- These are gates that surround large gated communities and tend to be very prestigious while giving a luxury feeling to a large community. Nevertheless, not having one can leave your neighborhood wide open to solicitors, religious types, and thieves.
  6. Access Control Gates- Commercial buildings need to control who is entering and exiting the property currently now more than ever. Access control gates can be the first line of defense a commercial property has to protect itself from unwanted visitor or solicitors.

With many different types of gates to choose from, you must understand the different types and applications that will best accent your home and increase your property value. With this information, we hope you make the best choice for your home, business, and/or property.

With over 86,473 private business establishments in orange county, controlling access can free up your labor force to focus on the jobs they were hired for and not dealing with unwanted guests or visitors.

Driveway Gate Service

Residential and Commercial Gate Repair IrvineDriveway gates can create prestige and appeal to your property. However, a malfunctioning gate can take away from your curbside appeal. Providing driveway gate service and maintenance to your driveway gate is pivotal in keeping your gate operating.

The heavier the gate, the more servicing it will need to prevent wear on the primary components. A professional team arrives on-site with all the tools needed to get the job completed right the first time. We service the entire orange county area 24 hours a day to ensure you are never without service. Please remember that service and maintenance should be provided every twelve months to maintain the functionality and appeal of your driveway gate.

  • Why is my gate moving so slowly? A slowly moving gate can occur for many reasons. The root cause could be a loose chain, damaged bearing, insufficient grease, or a broken wheel. This will impede the normal operating procedure, and cause additional wear on the major components of your access control gate.
  • Banging, Clanking, and a bunch of noise Often over time a gate can become unbalanced or the chain can become loose, which changes the way the drive operator operates normally. This can lead to additional contact with the post or surrounding structures and make a lot of noise. Repairing these damaged components can reduce noise and prevent additional wear on the major components of the driveway gate.
  • Squeak Squeak Squeak! Sometimes you hear a squeaking noise emanating from your driveway gate. Many times people ignore this noise as long as it is not disturbing the peace. However, this could be a sign of insufficient grease that prevents damage for grinding components, and could be a minor fix, compared to larger repairs down the road.It could also be ungreased bearings or rusted hinges. Providing service to your driveway gate can prevent this wear from occurring. If you hear something coming from your gate, please call a professional technician.
  • Why does my gate drag on the floor? On occasion through the normal day-to-day use of your automatic driveway gate, parts will loosen, and the gate can start to lower. If your gate is dragging on the floor already, then it has been an excessively long time since your last service and maintenance.A dragging gate can cause damage to the structure, paint, metal, and posts. Metal dragging on the floor can cause sparks, which can lead to fires and property damage. In high-risk fire areas, it is advised you service any metal that is sparking due to over contact with surrounding surfaces.
  • Free and clear When space is limited, many times people will used their property for storage purposes as well. We recommend that you keep everything out of the way of the gate during normal operating procedures in order to prevent unwanted contact or an improperly functioning driveway gate.
  • Safety first Most driveway gate manufactures will include safety features for protection of both persons and property. The gate should have a stop and automatic reversing feature if the gate comes in contact or receives additional resistance.There should be an emergency button on the drive operator which allows people to exit in case of an emergency or power outage. If you have safety features that are not operating correctly, contact a service professional.
  • Frozen shut or wide open spaces If the drive operator fails to operate correctly during power outages, you might find yourself trapped in or out of your own property. Even worse, you might find that your property is open to the public and that you cannot close your gate correctly. This leaves your home or property vulnerable to trespassers and thieves. If you find yourself in this unsavory predicament, make sure you call a professional driveway gate technician today.

With median home values exceeding $1 million in New Port Beach, it is important to maintain your property with proper upkeep and maintenance. Irvine was rated the sixth best place to live according to CNN money, and we help to make sure that it stays that way.

Driveway gate service can have a profound effect on how long your investment will operate correctly. Keeping your neighborhoods properly kept helps keep property values stable. Even one run down property in a housing block can affect the surrounding home values.

Automatic Gate Repair

Repairs Company Automatic Gate AnaheimAutomatic gate repair can be quite inexpensive if you get a hardware kit that helps with restoring the operation of the older gate. Most of the time, you can simply repair or replace some components, and save yourself a lot time of time and hassle.

Here are some common problems with automatic gates, which will better prepare you for dealing with a technician, and provide you with useful knowledge for the future. The city of Orange is 150 years old, and in order to help maintain the architecture and prestige of orange county homes, many of the houses will need repairs soon. Maintaining your property will help keep the city of Orange special for another 150 years.

Tips on repairing my automatic gate.

  1. Hinge welding repair- Sometimes through the process of thousands of open and close cycles, hinges can become damaged and/or break. This can prevent your automatic gate from opening and or drag on the floor. Many times the hinge can simply be replaced or re-welded in order to preserve your property investment, and allows your automatic gate to continue to function for years to come.
  2. Repairing your gate motor or slide operator- Like the motor in your car, your automatic gate needs servicing in order to continue to operate correctly. Over time and without proper maintenance your gate motor can seize up or not have enough power to pull the gate open correctly.A quick tune up can prevent you from having to replace the gate’s drive motor altogether. If it has been awhile since you last had your gate serviced, it might be time to contact a professional.
  3. Replacing a broken wheel on a cantilever or v track gate- Replacing a broken automatic gate wheel on a gate can be a tremendous task, because even an aluminum gate can still weight around 350 – 600lbs, and that is on the lighter models available. Many gates have hardware kits that range in prices depending on the various components needed. There are complete hardware kits available, but they can be a little pricier. More expensive kits come with all the fitting and replacement parts needed in order to get your gate to operational status again.
  4. Installation, repair, or programming your telephone operators- Certain events might cause you to have to reprogram, repair, or replace your telephone operator. Sometimes it contains the previous owner’s information and needs to be updated, others are outdated models that need to be upgraded, and still others will break down or be vandalized, and need repair or replacement in order to work again.
  5. Repairing you automatic gate track- Gate tracks are made to last and support the heavy loads of an automatic gate, but still there are many things that can happen to cause a gate track to come loose, bend, or even break. The bolts can also be knocked loose or break free and need to me remounted for the gate to run on the track correctly.

Electric Gate Experts

When it comes to electric gate repair and the new age of DIY’s with all the added information contained in the internet, it can be hard to determine when it is safe to repair something yourself. Here we will cover some of the common issues associated with automatic gate repair.

We will also try to help homeowners with what repairs they can attempt themselves, and which should be left to the professional electric gate experts.

How to save money from the electric gate experts

  1. Photocells adjusting and cleaning- Often times due to their proximity to the floor and exposure to the elements, your electric gate photocells can become dirty and cease to function correctly. Most of the time you can use a micro fiber cloth and gently wipe the surface of the lens to remove dirt and buildup, which could be interfering with the optics of the device and causing it to malfunction.
  2. Cleaning out your control boxes- Dirt or bugs can get inside the control boxes and cause a short circuit; this could cause the unit to not function properly or stop working all together. Many times simply removing the object can reset the circuit and get the control box operating again.You can use a paintbrush to gently wipe the internal components of the control box, or to sweep away and dust for foreign objects that could be effecting the device. Switching out electrical components should be left to a professional.
  3. Check the power- It is also advised to check the power cord to make sure the device is plugged in correctly. The vibrations of thousands of open and close cycles can have an effect on surrounding structures, and overtime, the cord could shake loose and come free. It is advised to check the plug from time to time to confirm that the cord is plugged in correctly.
  4. Inspecting the hinges and motor for stress fractures- The metal components can corrode and rust due to overexposure to the elements. It is important to check the components for corrosion or stress fractures that might cause the gate to cease normal operation. You can remove the cover of the operator and visually scan the motor and gate hinges to confirm there is no damage on the components that could lead to more costly repair later on down the road. If you notice damage, it is recommended that you call a service technician rather than attempt these repairs yourself.
  5. Check the manual disconnect or emergency release buttons- In case of a power outage, most gates come standard with a manual release button that allows the gate to move freely without being impeded by the drive operator. Check this periodically to ensure it is functioning correctly always for the protection of your home and family.
  6. Checking your fluids- Like any motor, your electric gate operator also need fluids to run efficiently and smoothly. There are three main fluids associated with electric gates, which are oil, hydraulic fluid, and lubricant. Maintaining these fluids will keep your operator functioning efficiently and limit the wear caused through everyday use.Check the tanks to ensure they have adequate fuel levels to maintain functionality and ensure the durability of the operator for years to come. It is also important to check for leaking fluids at the same time to make sure it will not interfere with electrical components of the drive operator.

We only offer these money saving tips as possible thing homeowners can try if they feel comfortable attempting these small troubleshooting task by themselves. We always recommend that you contact an electric gate expert when considering repairs.

Electric Gate Service

Electric Gate Repairs Company Newport BeachSo you need to have electric gate service for your access control gate, what should you expect from the service technician? How do you know if you are receiving professional service or just getting the run of the mill service man? What is the checklist for a service technician during your annual electric gate service? When paying for service you want to be sure you are getting your monies worth, and that your investment is properly being maintained. What is an automatic gate service technician supposed to check during an annual service visit?

What should my annual electric gate service include?

  1. Inspection/ resetting the limit switches- In order to make sure the limit switches are functioning correctly, your technician should reset the limit switches, and then test them to ensure proper operation.
  2. Inspecting the locks- Your technician should confirm that the locking mechanisms are aligned correctly, in order to secure the gate when you want to lock the gate. If these do not align properly, you should think of getting them realigned in order to prevent abnormal wear due to misalignment.
  3. Checking your safety sensors- During your appointment, your technician should check the safety sensors to ensure their correct operation. The safety sensors should be cleaned, level, and mounted securely in order to work correctly.
  4. Removing obstacles and debris- During your service, you should also have any debris cleared or removed to ensure the normal operating procedures of your electric gate continue to function. Allowing mud, vermin, or birds nest to build up can allow obstacles to fall into the way of rollers or drive operator, which could affect your gate in an adverse way.
  5. Loose or disconnected wires- Your technician should also confirm that all wires are properly connected in order to prevent misfiring of your gate or a short circuit of your system. It is a quick inspection, but it will prevent a lot more damage in the future.
  6. Ensure proper operation- Automatic gate experts will test the gate by running it through its motions in order to confirm that everything is operating correctly. If anything appears out of order, make sure you bring that to the attention of your service technician so that he can attempt to find the root of the malfunctioning components.
  7. Manual Release button- Almost every unit has a manual release button that allows you to manually open and close the electric gate. Your technician should test this feature to ensure this is working properly and that the gate runs smoothly during the test to ensure the operator, rollers, and tracks are all functioning correctly.
  8. Lubricate when necessary- Through normal use, the lubricants will rub away, and newer applications will needed. This will continue to ensure smooth and efficient operation during everyday use. This is also a wear and tear prevention, and should be considered very important in order to prevent any additional damage.
  9. Tightening the bolts- Your technician should confirm that all the screws and bolts are fastened tightly to prevent abnormal rubbing, which can in turn lead to additional damage or broken parts. This will also lesson the effect of the micro-vibrations, which can have a negative effect on your electric gate in the future.

Costa Mesa currently has a population of about 106,990 people living in 15.7 square miles. With so many people living in such a small city, it is important to provide regular electric gate service to maintain your access control gate. We provide amazing service with affordable prices, to make sure your properties security is never compromised.

Telephone entry system repair

A telephone entry system is a communication device that allows the screening of visitor to your property before allowing access to the grounds. They can be portable or mounted depending on the needs of the property owners. They can be made to serve single-family homes, apartment buildings, or gated communities, and/or commercial properties.

Newport Beach has gated communities with property values ranging from $250,000 to $1 Million. Protecting your property and personal belongings should always be a concern in affluent neighborhoods. Access control systems can be made to run with computers with internet access or a telephone system.

They can also run on high voltage or low voltage lines, whichever best fit the consumer’s needs. Your control panel could need to be repaired due to adverse weather, exposure to the elements, or vandalism. If you are experiencing problems with your telephone entry system, it might be a good time to call for repairs.

What are the different features of a telephone entry system?

  1. Residential telephone entry panel- Used to control the flow of traffic into your properties, this can be a highly effective means of screening out unwanted visitors to your business or homestead. Are you currently looking for additional security or a different means of securing your home or business? This could solve your additional security needs for your property.
  2. Commercial telephone entry panel- Used in the same means as a residential system, but has much more features and storage capacity. These panels are usually intended to large communities or commercial properties. They can include keypads, key card readers, wireless receivers, and can either be installed in recessed housing or a gooseneck mount.
  3. Exterior keypads- These are keypads that can be used to dial in a code to allow access to a property, usually intended for docks or parking lots where the traffic that comes through tends to be consistent like, as well as office buildings, parking lots, or garages.
  4. Key ring proximity transmitter- A key ring transmitter is similar to an alarm transmitter for your car. By pressing the button, you will gain access to the property without having to interact with the control panel.
  5. Proximity cards- Proximity cards are encoded with RFID’s, which transmit a specific code that your access control panel is set to the receiver. This can be great for identifying who is entering and exiting your property at any given time.
  6. Visor Transmitter- This is similar to your garage door opener and resides on the sun visor in your car. When you press the button on the visor transmitter, you will be given access through the security or property gates.
  7. Goose neck mount- A Gooseneck mount is a curved stand which places the keypad closer to the driver side window. This allows for easy access to your property without having to lean or exit your vehicle.
  8. Metal Indoor cabinet- This option can be mounted or attached to a gooseneck mounting system. This is housing for the control panel to protect your device against the elements. Extreme temperatures, hot or cold, can wreak havoc on our electrical components; this is a great option if you are looking to ensure your investment will last a long time.

Repairing a telephone entry system can get quite complicated, especially troubleshooting a larger commercial or residential entry system. Any number of the different features can affect the system. This can make things a lot harder to track down the source of the problem, and professional assistance should lessen the time and stress needed to discover the root cause of the problem.

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